White Wine

Pinot Grigio Vetriano, IGT Pavia 2006

Wine drinkers around the world just can’t seem to get enough of Pinot Grigio, it’s soft and fruity, easy-drinking style make it a great all-rounder with a variety of dishes.


Chardonnay del Veneto Alpha Zeta 2005/6

A fresh approach to Chardonnay made by anew Zealand winemaker based in the vineyards around the lakes of northern Italy. Fresh, soft, tropical flavours with a purity not over-burdened with oak.


Gavi Ca’Solare 2006

Refreshing citrus tones with hints of lemon and grapefruit are balanced by a rounded palate and elegant clean finish I deal with seafood, fish and white meats.


Soave Classico, Ca’Visco 2005/6

One of the finest dry whites to come out of Italy, this beautiful example is a special selection of the finest grapes to create a sublimely balanced, delicate dry white with a lovely aroma of fresh peonies.


Red Wine

Willowglen Shiraz-Cabernet, 2005

Australia’s favourite red grape blend combines spicy berry Shiraz with minty blackcurrant cabernet.


Camden Park Shiraz 2005

Deliciously soft and juicy Shiraz, full of blackberry, pepper tones, smooth and full-bodied.


Three Monks Cabernet-Merlot, Taltarni, Victoria, 2005

Complex, with ripe plum and blackcurrant-fruited, yet subtle and elegant, this morish combination of grapes has been matured in the barrels to add layers of flavour.


Fonty’s Pool Pinot Noir, Pemberton, Western Australalia 2005

The elusive Pinot Noir thrives in this unique microclimate, giving us one of the best Pinots on the market full of characteristic strawberry and vegetal mushroom tones.


E+E Black Pepper Shiraz, 1997

A rare chance to try a fully mature example of one of Australia’s legendary S hiraz wines, this monster of a bottle has a myriad of forest fruit, tobacco and spicy dark chocolate flavours.